Precision Ag Technology Provider 

Meter Testing 
Because the meter is the heart of the planter, we need to make sure it is performing to the best of it's ability. 


Planter service 
With our years of experience and knowledge, let us do a planter check over and replace the parts that are needed. From chains, bearings, and wear parts...we do it ALL!!!


We sell what we use, and we have test results to show you as well. Need more then that, ask us how it did in our own operation. 

What We Offer

Bousema Farms Inc. has been in business for over 25 years and offers the latest technology from Precision Planting, Martin, 360 Yield Center, Travis seed carts and Capello Corn Heads. Mike, Steve and Jason firmly believe that you need to believe in and trust what you provide to the customer, and that is why we use these products in our own day-to-day operations and practices on the farm.

About Our Shop

Bousema Farms Inc.